Friday, 15 June 2012

Pre-graduation night !

pada 13hb Jun yang lalu,
aku telah pun menghadiri satu majlis
Pre-graduation Night.

jom layan gambar jela,
biar gambar yg tolong ceritakan suasana pada malam itu.

my invitation card
ready to go for the dinner !

Kak dila with her awesome clutch !
yeah, that one is my clutch and another one is Kak Dila's.
this is the menu of the night.
"not bad..actually not as expected,
under my expectation..but not so bad.."
oh yeah ! nampak menyelerakan ? hmm
the italian tiramisu with crispy cookies, it was great !
this is us, me, mek and Kak Dila.
sangat terasa seperti diraikan pada malam itu.
Azreen, me and Kak Dila
as ussual, kami memang sangat suka bergambar !
nampak tak cincin i? hahah :D
okay, do focus at our rings. Please.
the five of us,
mek, me, Kak Dila, Azreen, Kak Ina
stay friends forever, insyaAllah !
they are my sunshine !
thank you kakak-kakakku.
i love you all !
i like this photo !
Kak Dila, Kak Ina and Sakinah.
they're such lovely friends of mine.
we did enjoyed our night !
with Azreen and Kak Dila
we wore the same pashmina,
we're cool !
sedih dah nak grad,
bila lagi dapat masa berkumpul macam ni.
smile to the world !
no caption is available
gadis-gadis tangga !
Kak Dila, Kak Atim, Kak Fae and Alep's at the back.
coursemates since Sem 1

we are happy celebrating our night together !
they are my sweet and sour mates :)
people say that we are almost the same,
like twin, HAHA !
last but not least,
our best memory during the degree study will never fade,
insyaAllah !
thank you friends !
i love you all !

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