Monday, 21 November 2011

To Ponder,

I do agree with that !
Attitude reflects the real us.

Especially to girls : 
(reminding myself too)

no matter what,
it is quite possible to satisfy everybody.
but at least,
we try our best to be our own self.

Allah is always by our side.
InsyaAllah !

for you.
to my beloved HAWA, 
don't be too desperate to be loved,
stop chasing over the taken guy.
don't show your desperation,
it's not PRIDE,

so, please respect yourself.

Everybody is beautiful in their own way,

be GOOD to you.

be yourself, truthfully.
accept yourself, gratefully.
value yourself, joyfully.

believe that,
if he wants you,
he will chase you.
love is combination of two,
to love and to be loved.

If it is written that he is yours, insyaAllah he will be yours.
Believe in Allah !


don't waste your time with all these nonsenses !
sometimes you have to try not to care,
no matter how much you do,
because sometimes you can mean NOTHING to 
someone who means SO MUCH to you.

be GOOD to you.
forgive yourself completely
and treat yourself generously.
bless yourself abundantly
and love yourself wholeheartedly.

the most beautiful people in the world
are NOT those with attractive faces or skinny body,
but those who know how to respect 
the beauty of others.

I choose to live by choice not by chance,
to make changes not excuses,
to be motivated not manipulated,
to be useful not to be used,
to excel not to compete.


i choose self-esteem not self-pity.

I'm not saying that I am PERFECT,
in fact I know I'm far from it,
and I don't have to be.
I just saying I'm worth it.

I only responsible for what I write,
not what you understand.

Thank You !

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