Sunday, 3 July 2011

horse !

horses are large, strong mammals with hooves and long manes and tails.

some people use horses for riding, while others,
such as farmers use them to carry heavy loads and pull wagons or plows.

baby horses are called "foals".
male foals are called "colts",
and female foals are called "fillies".

foals have very long legs relative to their bodies,
so they are bit wobbly, and uncoordinated when walking.

when they turn one year old,
horses are called "yearlings".

horses are born with no teeth.

between six and nine months of age,
foals have all their baby teeth.

just like human,
horses lose their baby teeth at five or six years old when their adult teeth begin to grow.

horses can lock their leg muscles into a stable standing position,
so they can sleep standing up without falling over.

fact from :
Playhouse Disney Encyclopedia

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